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Patriots vs Dolphins press conferences: Rob Gronkowski explains his touchdown celebration with Brandin Cooks
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Jan 11 2018, 9:21 pm - by alfonso

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 The New England Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins 35-17 on Sunday and the Patriots sent three captains and their head coach to the podium to give insight on the game Mike Gillislee Jersey.FS Devin McCourtyPatriots DB Devin McCourty live postgame press conference New England Patriots November 26, 2017Q This is the seventh straight game that your defense has allowed fewer than 20 points in a game. What does that say about the defense? think the key thing we talk about each week is trying to keep points off the board. Coach Flo [Brian Flores] says it every week – every time we get a red area stop we're closer to winning. Every time we get off the field on third down we're closer to winning so we're just trying to put all that together. Obviously every play is not going to be perfect. If they get in the red area it's all about flipping the page and figuring out how to get a stop or making them kick three or get a turnover. I think we understand what we're trying to do defensively and we're trying to just keep that going each week.”QB Tom BradyPatriots QB Tom Brady live postgame press conference New England Patriots November 26, 2017Q You took a bit of a pounding back there today. Were you mindful of their front and also any kind of extracurricular stuff by them given their reputation? definitely took some shots. They're a tough d-line. They've obviously made a lot of investments in that group and those guys play really hard https://www.shoppatriotsapparel.com/Kony_Ealy_Jersey. You're right, they got some good shots on me today but I'll be back at it and be ready to go Wednesday.E Rob GronkowskiPatriots TE Rob Gronkowski live postgame press conference New England Patriots November 26, 2017Q How did your touchdown celebration with Brandin Cooks come about?eah, that was not planned or anything. We got yelled at. Wee not allowed to talk about celebrations. That what we got told. But, I kind of want to talk about it, but I kind of don because Il get in trouble, so I don know what to do. So, it just happened on the spot. It wasn planned.
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