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FIFA 18 Squad Builder: Best FIFA 18 Serie A Squad and Formation
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Mar 15 2018, 6:34 am - by topfifacoins

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How to choose the players at the different positions in Serie A? Which formation is better? Many players are not aware. best way to buy fifa coins Today, we gonna introduce the formation and squad in Serie A.

I think the most suitable formation for Serie A is the five defenders formation. There are too many good defenders in Serie A.

FIFA 18 Serie A Squad

The CB is not the most improtant point in five defenders fomation, the winger is the most important point. Florenzi and Sandro are wekk suited to this squad and are suitable to assist and defence. Florenzi was a little bit week in defence but the offense is strong. Nainggolan match Alan to the midfield position, Alan was completely comfortable as Kante, his stats is even stronger. At the forward position, Dybala and Mertens are the best choice.

The most controversial position is Icardi. He can not dribbling, it is better to shot immediately when he got the ball. 

The key point of this formation is counter-attacking, the main tactic is to fight back in the midfirld, straight, and crossing from the side. 

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