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FIFA 18 UT Mode: How to Earn Gold Coins Quickly? Part 1
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Jun 13 2018, 11:27 pm - by fifacoinsreviews

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Before you start officially, you need to bear in mind UT norm: At any time, under no circumstances, do not use UI gold coin to extract cards.
Which player do you want to buy; you can buy directly from the trading market, and never use UT gold coins to extract cards.
If you really want to extract cards, please use FIFA points.
Please remember this norm.
The guide:
1. Method Summary
Using FIFA UT to earn gold coin:
(1) 1. 59 minutes rule
Pick the players you want to buy, or set a basic price range. After the search results appear, turn the page to the section where the remaining time is 59 minutes. When you see that the BUY NOW, buy the low price immediately, and then raise the price to sale.
This method is very effective, especially in the new sale period of the game.
2. BIN rule (Buy It Now)
Select a player in the market (a best-selling player with a large market involvement, such as Sanches). First look at the market base price then set a lower Buy It Now price. Then keep rising the price list and refresh the price list until relative low prices appear and buy it immediately. After the late update of FIFA16 (setting the BIN price as the highest limit, rather than a little higher than the starting price), this method is less profitable. It's not like before that you can repair the leaky part of a roof. But it is still effective.
3. a great deal of bidding
The premise is that you need to buy props to increase your trading quota and trade targets.
Generally speaking, for consumables, such as contract cards, it often bid heavily at a profitable price, only for consumables within an hour. Don't care about other people's higher bids than you. If you do, leave it alone and keep bidding. After a successful auction, add a little profit and sell the card immediately.
Other prices of 100-500 gold coins apply to this method as follows:
Team emblem; uniforms; court; chemical card; chief coach.

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