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FIFA 18 Gameplay: How to Trade Safely?
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Jun 15 2018, 2:05 am - by topfifacoins

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Recently, many friends ask me how to trade safely without any trouble?
There are several premises.
1.The upper limit of total amount within 24 hours should not exceed 1 million
2.Seller should buy players in the host computer(Don ‘ t ask why,Cheapest Site To Buy Fifa Coins this is the most safe way now )
Example of the way to buy 1 Million:
1.Prepare a old Chicharito with market price of 115,Best place to buy fifa coins buy it now price 230;
2.Add the training card, such as defence;
3.List it with a odd price;
4.Record the player’s data,safe fifa 18 coins your own price and some other information and send to the seller;
5.The seller get into the host computer and buy with the price of 230;
6.The seller lists the old Chicharito on the market directly and recall with the price of 115. The question of taxation was discussed between the two sides;
7.Continue trading the next day.
Answers to possible questions:
1.The player might not be Chicharito. Look for players in the market with big price disparity,best fifa 18 coin sites such as Moratta and Lukaku. I use legend mainly because I think the top price of legend is twice the market price,fifa coins best site not like EA fishing card.
2.Adding training card and listing with odd price is to mimic the kind of trick in the market that uses to trick a novice to buy. As a result,cheapest place to buy fifa coins the fewer cards to be traded, the better. That’s why I love legend. Do not make EA think that you can always cheat.
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