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Double-Layer Gravity Rice Destoner
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Oct 11 2018, 8:58 pm - by lianggong

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A Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) is a machine that removes the small stones and clods from raw paddy or other grains. Our destoner is applied for the efficient separation and excellent removal of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. The destoner is available in different sizes with a range of throughput capacities of 2t/h to10t/h.

Through its excellent cleaning of the raw materials, the rice destoner creates the conditions required for achieving a high end product purity and thus for complying with food safety standards. Due to their high separating efficiency and excellent grain cleaning, they are more and more welcomed among our customers.

Product Description:

Suction type gravity classified rice destoner is mainly applicable for grain processing factories and feed processing enterprises. It is used for removing of pebbles from paddy, wheat, rice soybean, corn, sesame, rapeseed, oats, etc., it can also do the same to other granular materials. It is an advanced and ideal equipment in modern foodstuff processing.

It utilizes the characteristics of different specific gravity and suspended velocity of both grain and impurities, as well as the airflow that is blown upward through the grains. It is backed by air draft action that penetrates the gap of grain current and granular materials. The machine keep the heavy impurity at the lower layer and uses a screen to force the material and impurity to move in different directions, thus separating the two of them. This machine employs vibration motor driving gears, which ensures stable operation, sturdy and reliable work, steady performance and low vibration and noise. There's no powder and it is easy to operate and to provide maintenance to it.

The wind magnitude and wind pressure can be easily adjusted in a wide range with a displaying device available. A well-illuminated air suction hood is equipped, which ensures clear observation of the movement of materials. Besides, on both sides of the screen there are four holes available that make cleaning easy. The inclination angle of the screen can be adjusted within a scope of 7-9. Therefore, this machine stone is able to maintain stone-removing effect even the amount of material fluctuates. It can be used to remove the mixed stones in foodstuffs, grease, feedstuffs and chemical products.


1. Adopt vibration motor drive machanism, stable running, fastness and reliability;

2. Reliable performance, low vibration, low noise;

3. No dust spreading.

4. Convenint to operate and maintain.

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