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John Lynch talks pass rush struggles
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Nov 19 2018, 4:07 am - by liny195

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 Authentic Laken Tomlinson Jersey , Solomon Thomas snap count The San Francisco 49ers pass rush remains a big problem, and the situation does not get any easier this weekend. They travel to face a Los Angeles Chargers team with a pass protection that ranks ninth in adjust sack rate allowed. The 49ers pass rush ranks 23rd in adjusted sack rate, and there’s no indication this will improve soon.General manager John Lynch was on KNBR Friday morning, talked about the pass rush and the issues they have had closing the deal. They are getting pressure and making contact with the quarterback, but they are not closing the deal with sacks. It’s a step in the right direction, but they need to take a big step and get some sacks.It remains to be seen what changes the 49ers will make to improve the pass rush, but getting Solomon Thomas some more interior pass rush work would be a start. He has had some success inside Womens Brock Coyle Jersey , and yet he continues to get work extensively outside. We saw a bump in snaps for him last week, and John Lynch suggested we might see more work for him sooner rather than later.The 49ers have to figure something out this weekend. If they don’t find some way to pressure Philip Rivers, he will absolutely pick them apart.How hot is Robert Saleh’s seat? The San Francisco 49ers have issues on both sides of the ball, but it seems a lot of the rage has been aimed at the defense. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh’ unit hasn’t been putting up the numbers one would like. The 49ers are averaging 29.2 points per game (29th)and are ranked 24th in sacks. They are tied for dead last in interceptions and in the back half of the league (a massive tie at 18th) for fumbles recovered. Those last two stats didn’t improve at all on Sunday. While the offense turned the ball over regularly, the defense could not get a takeaway if dire circumstances depended on it. While they managed to keep the Cardinals from operating after the opening touchdown (we have the offense’s five turnovers to thank for things going sideways), they still weren’t able to get any takeaways. Then of course, there’s the first play of the Cardinals opening drive that led to a touchdown. 49ers safety Adrian Colbert shouldered the blame Womens Adrian Colbert Jersey , but some of these miscommunications and bad decisions need to fall on someone other than the players. Is Saleh under the microscope?49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has been supportive of Saleh’s play-calling and scheme, saying that the players need to execute things better. But when does the lack of execution and miscommunications turn into bad coaching? And will someone be going down with the ship after this season ends? Keep in mind, this is a rebuild. The 49ers are trying to keep consistency for once, which includes the defensive coordinator. Some fans like Saleh’s defense and others I’ve noticed can’t stand it. I think we’ll return to this through the rest of the season, but I want to see what everyone thinks of Saleh’s seat right now. Therefore I have the heat-o-meter:
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