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Paddy Claener Complete Equipment Industry Leader
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Nov 29 2018, 7:44 pm - by lianggong

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The Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) complete sets of equipment have higher frequency of being used, and the frequency of use by everyone is getting higher and higher. The reason for the high rice yield in the complete set of paddy cleaner machine is mainly the spiral groove in the complete set of paddy cleaner machine. The density of the rice fluid in the full length of the white chamber is relatively uniform, and the tumbling and moving movement will make the various parts of the rice evenly milled, which is the reason for the high rice yield of the paddy cleaner complete equipment. There are still many advantages in the complete sets of equipment. I will give you a brief introduction below. I believe that everyone will have different opinions.

Advantages of paddy cleaner complete sets of equipment:

1. Smooth operation. The bearing only bears radial force, the bearing stress caused by the unbalanced force and the torque of the whole machine are small, and the horizontally mounted white roller has low requirements on manufacturing and assembly, and the technical requirements of the corresponding structural parts are general;

2. The rice yield is higher, the spiral groove makes the density of the rice grain fluid on the whole length of the whitening chamber relatively uniform, the tumbling movement is good, and the parts of the rice grain are evenly milled;

3. Two white rollers are convenient and reasonable for coaxial coupling or different shaft combination in one paddy cleaner machine.

4. Each single unit is connected to the transmission, using less lifting equipment, low power, less broken rice, small floor space, and the price is cheaper than similar models.

5. Rice can be processed without much (more than 10 kg of rice can also be processed, the machine can hold 0.5KG rice), the work process is short, start the rice, close the tail (saving time, less electricity).

6. It is convenient to disassemble the sand roller in the horizontal direction of the complete set of paddy cleaner machine, saving time and effort;

7. With its own polishing, high polished rice.

8. The volume and weight of the unit output are small. Due to the large axial driving force and the large flow rate of the rice grains, the diameter of the whitening roller and the annular area of ??the whitening chamber are smaller under the same inlet material flow rate as the complete equipment of the paddy cleaner machine. Small and light weight, combined with lower manufacturing technology requirements and lower cost.

9. The layout is reasonable and the operation is simple.

10. This combination paddy cleaner machine is the preferred mechanical product for some small rice processing households due to its complete functions.

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Dec 02 2018, 1:03 am - Replied by: karlee

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Dec 21 2018, 2:12 am - Replied by: karlee

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Dec 24 2018, 5:40 am - Replied by: yellokhan

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