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The Use Of Small Indoor Elevators
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Sep 11 2019, 9:56 pm - by OdsonDon

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Small indoor elevators are no stranger to everyone, and as people's living standards improve the popularity and development of مصعد داخلي صغير, many people choose to install small indoor elevators and start to use it as a home decoration. It can be said to be both functional and aesthetic. So, do you know what you must pay attention to when using a small indoor elevator? Let's take a closer look at the otse elevator.

Please pay attention to the following items when using small indoor elevators:
1. Stay between the hall door and the car door. The easiest thing to do with the elevator is the door. Staying between the hall door and the car door is the most dangerous action. Some passengers will stay in the elevator for a short stay and chat with people. This is very dangerous, so it is recommended to get in and out of the elevator. Come in and out.
2. Press the button repeatedly. When waiting for the elevator, people often press the button repeatedly, so repeatedly pressing the button will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, which may cause the button to malfunction.
3. Rely on the door. Many people like to rest temporarily on the door when waiting for the elevator. If the car is not on the floor when the elevator is opened, it is easy to fall into the hoistway or get stuck in the car and the hoistway.
4. Block the door with your hands, feet, sticks, etc. When the elevator door is closed, the outside passengers will block the door with items such as hands, feet, and sticks.
5. In the rainy day, the rain gear with dripping water will be brought into the elevator. This will not only wet the floor, but also the water entering the hoistway along the gap may also cause a short circuit.
6. As soon as you see the elevator door open, rush inside. The elevator maintenance person said that there was such an accident in Zhangzhou in 2003: the elevator door on the third floor was opened, but the elevator was not on the floor. A man hurriedly wanted to catch the elevator. He lowered his head and rushed inside. The result fell. To make matters worse, a woman behind him also stepped in with his feet, and the two fell to the scene. If the elevator door is not pressed and the door is wide open, you must take care of it carefully: the front is the car or the abyss.
7. Coins and other objects fall into the elevator and reach into the gap with your hands or tools. During the elevator stop, sometimes coins, necklaces, etc. fall into the gap between the elevator door and the hoistway. The elevator professional should be informed immediately to assist in handling. Do not put your hand or tool into the gap.
8. Jump and jump in the moving car and press the button. This kind of behavior happens mostly on children, sometimes playing in the elevator. When you go up, press each button, and when you go down, press each button.
9. Open the elevator by hand. When the running elevator suddenly stopped, many people forcibly opened the elevator door by hand or attempted to climb out of the safety window.
10, the weight is overloaded. The typical small indoor elevator has a load of 400 kg.

The above is the point that the otse elevator brings to everyone about the use of small indoor elevators. The starting point for the installation of small indoor elevators is for convenience and safety. Do not cause dangers due to the negligence of use. Emphasize with you: avoid entering and leaving the elevator, avoid relying on the door and do not block the door with your hands, feet, sticks, etc. I hope everyone will keep in mind.

Sep 14 2019, 6:55 am - Replied by: rikariloy

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