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Why is UFO LED High Bay Lights popular?
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Nov 09 2019, 3:20 am - by xiangruilight

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UFO LED High Bay Lights can be divided into power chip combination and high power chip according to the built-in microchip. The former has stable performance and is suitable for small-scale illumination. The latter structure is relatively large and can be used for a large area. Illumination of the distance.

Depending on the application, LED spotlights can be designed as different brackets, allowing the LED spotlight to be pointed in any direction and more convenient to install. At the same time, UFL LED High Bay Lights has a larger dimming angle than ordinary LED lamps because LED lamps have a larger dimming angle than ordinary LED lamps. This is more flexible to use.

UFO LED High Bay Lights adopts an integrated heat dissipation structure design, which increases the heat dissipation area by 80% compared with the general heat dissipation structure design, thus ensuring the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED.

UFO LED High Bay Lights also has a special waterproof design, a special process circuit board, and a built-in rain guide to ensure that UFO LED High Bay Lights will not be affected even if it enters the water.

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